The Registrar's Office manages all the administrative procedures involved in your studies at the university:

  • Admission to a course
  • Administrative and pedagogical registration
  • Examinations and certification, etc.

In this section you will find all the information you need about these items.

NB: Doctorates are managed directly by the University of Montpellier'sResearch and Doctoral Studies Department .

Head of Department - Marianne Plan-Nicolo
Assistant to the Head of Department, Examinations, Disability - Lucie Calas

Licence 1, DEUST, Licence Pro - Christophe BRIFFA

Licences 2 and 3 ES/MS - Christelle ROQUES VALLON
Licences 2 and 3 EM/APA -
Stéphane RAOULX

Masters 1 and 2 - Anaïs GONCALVES

International Relations, DU - Léa Chatel-Goldman

Transversal schooling: Special statuses, Césuresures,
VES, Student commitment, Registrations

Eve Chaulet

General Schooling, Conventions, Diplomas - Florence Rexand

Apprenticeship: Lou Ann PETIT