Studying at Montpellier's UFR STAPS isn't just about sports. Students also receive scientific, methodological and professional training to meet the needs of today's job market.

Scientific training

At UFR STAPS, science is at the heart of every course. Students acquire knowledge in diverse disciplines such as anatomy, physiology, psychology and sociology. This demanding multi-disciplinary training is a strong feature of STAPS studies.

Vocational training

Starting in the second year of the Bachelor's degree, students choose a specialization specific to their career path. This specialization includes courses designed to equip them with the skills required for careers in sport and physical activity.

Methodological training

STAPS studies also aim to equip students with skills in languages, IT and project management. These skills are essential for their future adaptability on the job market.

Sports training

Sports training is a central element of the STAPS identity. Over the three years of the Bachelor's degree, each student develops theoretical and practical mastery of a particular sporting specialty. This specialization is complemented by complementary activities, depending on the student's chosen career path.

Lifelong learning

With the exception of the "parcours d'accès aux études de santé" (option kiné and LAS - option santé), most of our courses are open to continuing education. Our diplomas are also open to people with professional experience.

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