STAPS in France

STAPS (Sciences et Techniques des Activités Physiques et Sportives) was established as a university discipline in 1974. Originally focused on training physical education and sports teachers, STAPS has since diversified its range of courses.


There are currently 50 STAPS-related university structures throughout France. Some are fully-fledged UFRs, while others are STAPS departments within larger UFRs. Names may also vary from one university to another: UFR STAPS, UFR APS, Faculté des Sciences du Sport, etc.

Conference of STAPS UFR Directors (C3D)

The development of STAPS is coordinated by the Conférence des Directeurs et Doyens d'UFR STAPS (C3D), currently chaired by Aurélien PICHON, Director of the UFR STAPS in Poitiers. Over the past few years, the C3D's work has led to the controlled and concerted development of the STAPS, notably with the definition of five Bachelor's degrees (Adapted Physical Activity-Health, Education and Motricity, Sports Training, Sports Management, Ergonomics and Performance). C3D has ensured the registration of these specializations in the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (RNCP), and defined a set of specifications for the organization of these training courses. Similar work is currently being finalized for the Master's programs.

C3D is also in charge of relations with the discipline's many partners, at ministerial level, in the sports sector and in the health sector.

The C3D website provides a wealth of information on the Conference's activities and on the various UFR STAPS in France.


STAPS also has a national student association, ANESTAPS (Association Nationale des Etudiants en STAPS). TheANESTAPS website also offers a wealth of information and analysis on STAPS studies and career opportunities.