Election of user representatives to the UFR Staps council

As a reminder, the UFR STAPS is administered by a UFR council headed by the Director, Ms Angèle Chopard.This council votes on all the important decisions in the life of the UFR, in particular teaching models, knowledge control procedures and the budget.You have 7 titular representatives (and 7 substitutes) to carry the student voice within this council.
In order to elect your next representatives, elections will take place by dematerialized means on Thursday 14th and Friday 15th December 2022 on the following website:https://umontpellier.legavote.fr/ (login with your mailetu.umontpellier.fr)


Candidate lists can only be submitted on Tuesday November 22 and Wednesday November 23, 2022.


For further information, please contact the UFR STAPS management at staps-secretariat-direction@umontpellier.frMerci.